And on a More Uplifting Note… Teaching, Calvinball Style

The Nerdy Teacher posted this on Friday — a plea for educators to embrace the creativity of Calvinball. Go to his post to see the Calvin and Hobbes excerpts about Calvinball. The Nerdy Teacher says,

We are moving more and more toward standardized, cookie-cutter instruction, I think a nice dose of Calvinball (AKA Creativity) is exactly what our classrooms need. Giving the students to freedom to explore and create can be a scary idea to teachers, administrators and “experts” that like to control things, but we all know the power of empowering children. Letting go of the control and allowing students to explore is such an amazing thing to witness. I didn’t “let go” all at once. I’m still “letting go” a little bit more each year. When the unit ends, I’m always glad I let the students create their rules and design their own projects.

I completely agree. In an interview with a teacher last week, she told me “the kids always rise to the challenge” when you give them some freedom and some control over what happens in the classroom, when you make things matter to them by giving them the chance to help you design their learning experiences.

After my grumpy post earlier this morning, this is my attempt to even things out. Thanks, Nerdy Teacher, for the smile and the uplifting reminder that we need to stay creative. 🙂