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Dear Waltham Public Schools Community,

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce myself as the new Waltham Public Schools Administrator of Educational Technology Integration, to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my background, and to invite you to become part of my transition into Waltham Public Schools. The following document (or if you are reading online, pages of my website) outlines my plan to learn from each of you about the exciting technology integration already taking place in Waltham and the WPS community’s future goals for digital teaching and learning. I invite you to browse any and all sections of my entry plan, and if you feel so inclined, to offer me feedback on the feedback form linked here. I also thank you for your dedication to WPS and for helping me make a smooth transition into my new role!

A bit about me: I am originally from Illinois, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in English Language Arts and Secondary Education. I then moved to Indiana, where I taught 8th and 9th grade ELA and Communications while earning my master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. During my time in Indiana, I had the opportunity to teach in all sorts of contexts – from the 8th grade ELA classroom to college writing and pre-service teacher courses at Purdue University; I even taught a few exceptionally fun summer courses on American Film for high school students! These experiences inspired me, when my husband’s career moved us to Michigan, to pursue my PhD in English and Education at the University of Michigan.

My doctoral research focused on the use of technology in the classroom; specifically, I examined how teachers’ social learning experiences impacted their beliefs about and implementation of digital technologies in the classroom. I authored a number of book chapters and articles, as well as my dissertation, on this topic and became dedicated to learning more about district professional development surrounding digital technology integration. This passion led me to Boston Public Schools, where I worked as a Digital Learning Specialist, helping Boston teachers become digital learners and challenging current frameworks for digital learning PD in Boston schools. In Boston, I attended local and national conferences, collected and analyzed data about digital integration in urban schools, and designed online and blended PD opportunities, among other things!

Ultimately, of course, this journey led me here to Waltham, in my first position as a district administrator. I learned a lot in Boston, and I look forward to learning more – and quickly! – as I work with each of you in the coming years. In my conversations so far, I have been encouraged by the dedication to innovation and digital integration among Waltham administrators, teachers, and community members. I want to hear more about your ideas, concerns, priorities, and most importantly, the needs of Waltham students. As such, my entry plan involves a lot of observations and conversations with various members of the WPS community this fall. I look forward to working and speaking with many of you soon. Never hesitate to contact me at ElizabethHoman@k12.waltham.ma.us or on Twitter @lizhoman if you have questions or ideas to share!

Elizabeth C. Homan, PhD
Administrator of Educational Technology Integration
Waltham Public Schools


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