Entry Plan Overview

Entry Plan Overview

The following sections outline my plan to learn from members of the Waltham Public Schools community about how technology is already integrated, and how it could be integrated, into the learning experiences of our students in ways that do not distract from our students’ learning, but instead enhance and enable access for students from diverse linguistic, socioeconomic, ability, and familial backgrounds.

I will implement this plan from August through November; however, many components are ongoing, and will continue to shape my work throughout and beyond the 2015-2016 school year. There is a place for all of you to offer input as I learn more about WPS; from a survey designed for all Waltham community members to interviews and observations, I have attempted to create a plan that enables to me to efficiently collect and analyze data and to share some of my findings with the Waltham community. I first outline what I hope to learn, then I describe how I will make sense of the data I collect, and finally explain how I will share my findings.

My goal is to complete conversations, observations, and survey data collection and analysis this fall, to enable the development of a district-wide long-range technology integration plan in collaboration with a technology committee that will convene monthly throughout the year. The following table illustrates how I will accomplish this goal and the sections on the following page explain in more detail the individual tasks outlined on my schedule.

Task Purpose Participants Timeline
WPS Technology Advisory Committee To develop a space for WPS stakeholders to engage in shared decision-making and development of a district-wide long-range technology plan Members of the WPS community interested in and selected for participation Aug 1-ongoing
WPS Tech Integration Survey To learn from members of the WPS community about current uses and future desires for technology integration All members of the WPS community Sept 15-Oct 1
Interviews with School and District Technology Support and Leadership To learn from district leaders about current initiatives and priorities related to technology integration School Principals, Technology Facilitators and support staff, Library Media Specialists, and/or Lead Teachers Aug 15-Oct 1
Observations and Shadow Days To observe current integration efforts in WPS schools and assess current and future technology needs Technology Facilitators, Library Media Specialists, and/or Teachers Sept 1-Nov 1

 What I Hope to Learn

In my first few months as a new administrator, my first priority is to learn about the Waltham Public Schools community: the learning needs of WPS students, the professional development needs of WPS educators, the priorities and values of the district, and of course, the digital landscape as it now exists in our schools. As any educator knows, the best way to learn is through asking questions and making connections; you will notice that this plan prioritizes those two things above all else! In addition to the actions I outline below, I also plan to attend School Committee meetings so that I can learn more about the Waltham community and the district. While my focus for the next few months is to get acquainted with our school leaders, teachers, and students, I look forward to hearing from parents and other community members in the future, as well. In writing this plan, I designed it such that I could learn:

  1. What technology beliefs and values drive decisions about teaching and learning in WPS;
  2. What strengths and challenges surround technology integration efforts in WPS;
  3. How WPS educational leaders support technology integration and innovation; and
  4. How access to WPS technological resources is distributed across our schools, students, and teachers.

While I hope my plan will enable me to focus on these four major goals, I imagine I will learn much more than this, as well, in my conversations and observations over the next several months.

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