Sharing with the Community

Sharing with the Community

It is important that I work with others to understand and make sense of the information I collect about the Waltham school community; to quote the old adage, two (and indeed, many more) heads are better than one! After engaging in the data analysis tasks I already described, I will create anonymized summaries of my findings to share with certain key members of the community, including the technology department and members of the technology advisory committee. I may also share anonymized summaries with school leaders (principals or lead teachers, for example) at their request. These summaries will allow me to consider discuss the implications of the data I collect with individuals who can help me make informed leadership decisions about professional development, device and software purchases, and infrastructural improvements for our schools and students.

I will also share results of the anonymous survey with members of the school community at large; you will be able to access a summary of these results here on my website later this fall, as well as on the Waltham Public Schools TechBlog, which is currently under construction. I will welcome thoughts and feedback in response to these results.

Thank you for reviewing my entry plan for my first few months as Administrator of Educational Technology Integration at Waltham Public Schools. If you have any feedback for me, I again invite you to leave your ideas on my feedback form. I’m looking forward to an exciting year, and to meeting and working with all of you!

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