WPS Technology Advisory Committee

WPS Technology Advisory Committee

This fall, I will establish a Technology Advisory Committee and would love to hear from you if you are interested in serving on this committee! Technology directors from other districts in the area have found that committees that include multiple district stakeholders are the best way to inform the development of long-range technology plans. Such committees enable the voices and experiences of teachers, school leaders, parents, administrators, and district specialists to be heard and integrated into the decision-making process. This committee will meet once a month for two hours, and responsibilities of committee members will include:

  1. Developing and articulating a long-range vision for the district related to digital technology integration.
  2. Collecting data to share with the committee related to digital integration.
  3. Analyzing data to inform recommendations for a district-wide technology plan.
  4. Reviewing and giving feedback on drafts of a district-wide technology plan.

All WPS stakeholders, including teachers, school leaders, parents, community members, central office leaders, and even students and school committee members are invited to participate. The committee will be limited to no more than fifteen members, and will be designed with diversity of perspectives and roles in mind. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please fill out the WPS Technology Advisory Committee Interest Form.

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